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Hey there Hasllers! Hope you’re enjoying the last days of February.

This month, we attended the TechChill event in Riga, Latvia and we have a lot to report to you!

During this event held in Riga, Latvia during the 20th and 21st of February, the key things we can admit we loved about the event are the following:

  1. European Investors
  2. Potential Customers
  3. Branded Coffees
  4. Street food trucks
  5. Keynote Speakers

European Investors

During this event, one of the highlights for any startup or new business is the fact that there were a huge number of local and European investors. We were able to talk to many interesting and unique investors. From traditional ones, to angel investors and ones where their model of investment was to give you free consulting instead of funding your startup.

Potential Customers

Aside from the attendance of many local investors and a great number of startups and businesses, there were a lot of potential customers. From big corporations to smaller companies that were looking for innovative ways to boost and modernize their workplace. This gave startups like ours a great opportunity to sell our idea and our products or at the very least, get feedback and suggestions from prospective and potential customers.

Branded Coffees

There were some coffee booths around the event were you could get them to have your brand logo on your lattes. This was a brilliant idea and definitely gave a lot of other startups like ourselves to take memorable photos from the event.

Street Food Trucks

As there were a large amount of investors and customers as well as other startups in similar fields, the street food trucks were a great place to get some food and be able to network further in a more comfortable and casual manner.

The Street Food Latvia area which was located just outside the venue offered some delicious foods to help us recharge, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Keynote Speakers

There were a number of brilliant speakers and among them, we had one of the Startup Wise Guys investors speak as well.

From Stephane Ouaki who shared how #EuropeanInnovationCouncil provides innovator centric financing to founders with a clear ambition and on a path towards making their impact to the spectacular fireside chat speaker Francesca Sartori from #Nokia and the charismatic moderator Kayvan Nikjou from #MagneticaInternational.

To add to this experience, our Startup Wise Guys #SWG program hosted TechChill speakers, key partners, high profile investors, startups and ecosystem builders for a laid-back evening!

Hope to see you there next year. Cheers!

We hope you have benefited from this report of the #TechChill Riga event in February 2020.

We at Haslle, will definitely recommend this event and will attend again next year.

If you are interested to attend some startup related events this year, we’ve got your covered. Give a read to our 12 best startup event in 2020.

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