Oversee all of your subscriptions & make sure your vendors are paid on time and on budget



Transparency & Control​

Take control of your subscriptions by assigning an owner & tracking membership 

Increase Flexibility​

Start new and automate ongoing subscriptions.

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate risk of paying for cancelled contracts and unused software

Spending Management Solution that works for Smart Teams

Stay on Budget

Make sure subscriptions are on budget by assigning a dedicated card for each service.

Recurring Payments

Automate payments to vendors and decrease downtime on important services. Streamline invoices and receipt collection and save time over repeated payment transactions.

Track Costs and Usage

Say goodbye to paying for unused software and decrease costs by optimizing usage for each service.

Manage Vendors

Have all information regarding subscriptions in one place, eliminating risk of double paying for services. Optimize spending by centralizing subscriptions across teams.

Subscriptions With Team-Wide Impact​

Avoid month-end surprises by allowing finance teams to stay in control by automating any business related subscriptions and recurring service fees. 

Take ownership for each subscription and manage usage and payments with ease.

See all subscriptions company-wide and easily opt-in, opt-out or propose new services

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Revenue Management

Debit Payment Cards

Approvals & Requests


Invoices & Documents

Accounts & Budgets

Accounting Automation

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