Collect and Manage your Revenue, Customers and Invoices in one seamlessly Automated process.

Revenue Management


Automate Invoices

Issue automated invoices to your customers that always arrive on time and get matched to incoming payments automatically.

Get Paid on Time

Know who is late to pay outstanding  invoices instantly and send them payment reminders.

Manage Recurrent Payments

Manage subscriptions and recurrent payments with Revenue Plans that can be assigned to each customer.

Cashflow Management Solution that works for Smart Teams


Invoice issuance, Management and Payments Matching

Forget issuing invoices every moth. Allow Haslle  to handle invoice issuing according to each customer Revenue plan assigned. Once you get the payment, get it matched with the invoice automatically. For those times, your customers forget to pay, send them automatic reminders. With Haslle, revenue processing is about your customers – not paperwork.

Smart Revenue Plans

Each customer is different so is the functionality or services they use. Create and assign Revenue plans to each customer. Handle discounts, features and extras so you can customize, track and get the most of each Revenue Plan.


Customers Management

Manage your customers’ information, account details and track their value over time. With Haslle, segmenting customers and  calculating their lifetime value is easy as never before.

Revenue that Impacts the Entire Team

Get all customer income, invoices and plans in one place. Receive notifications for each payment and make sure you have dealt with late payments every month.

Easily track your customers value. Give discount flexibly and make sure your customers are happy.

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