Europe slowly starts to recover from the pandemic and relieve the confinement restrictions. Therefore, most of the companies allow their employees back to the office, or at least a defined amount of them. Unless they have considered the advantages to keep the possibility of remote work for the future, they needed to prepare the offices protect employees avoid any infection, and to follow the regulations of the government.

So what kind of guidelines should you apply and what do you need to purchase for your office?

Provide masks and sanitizers

By now, everyone should have some surgical masks or washable ones and probably loads of sanitizers, although if you expect from your employees to wear a mask in the office and disinfect their hand regularly we should provide them with the proper equipment. It is a similar situation to the normal business as usual; if you expect your employee to be productive and perform well, then you need to provide them with the necessary environment and tools. You do not need to give every each person a mask or a bottle of sanitizer, but you can create spots in the office where everyone can reach them and keep some masks in the office in case someone needs it or forgot it home.

Put signs and information notices in the office

If you need to implement different measures like how many people can be in the kitchen or lunchroom, you need to place different signs and papers with information. You can also place stickers on the floor to show how much distance people need to take from each other. You can hang reminders everywhere to protect employees & remind them be careful, wear masks and wash their hands regularly. This can occur some small costs which could be easily overlooked, but if you order these signs and stickers online. Upload everything to Haslle and all these expenses will be added together in one category & simply reimburse them in the tax season.


Depends who is responsible for the sanitation in the office, you need to organize a different type of deep cleaning. You can organize it with the property manager if he is the one who is in charge of that. Additionally, you could pay an extra cost in order to regular disinfection because the usual process might not be enough. Furthermore, you also need to organize the cleaning of the air condition. To make sure it cannot cause a higher risk of getting the coronavirus by circulating the air in a not proper way.

Appreciate the work of your employees

It is always essential that your employees are protected & feel appreciated in your company. However, if they perform well and help the company out during extreme crisis i.e.pandemic that it deserves a reward.

It does not have to be money or a bonus salary, but it can be a nice present or a gift card. Furthermore, if you use an expense management tool, like Haslle, you can issue them a virtual or pre-loaded credit card and provide them with funds for expenses they might use in the future.


These measures may occur lots of expenses to your business. However, if you keep track of them and organize them well, you can easily reimburse a lot of costs in the tax season. In order to be able to concentrate on providing the best for your team and not worry about the expenses. Save a lot of time and money with an expense management tool. With Haslle you can easily arrange all the costs by creating expense categories and define budget by departments or teams. Be aware of all of your movements and requests in real-time and even handle them on-the-go with the application. So you can simply run reports for tax reimbursements.

If you implement Haslle, the saved time can be expended to plan and introduce measurements, and buy the proper objects.

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