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Product Updates Cash Flow Management - Fall 2020

We’re here to help you make chasing receipts a thing of the past. Our product update this fall focuses on all the integrations & improvements to make your cash management simpler and streamlined.

As we are approaching the end of the year, financial operations teams are focusing on analyzing financial data of 2020 and making plans to increase efficiency for 2021. Hence, it is our mission to help you achieve efficiency & effectiveness for both your cash & time.

OCR Technology

OCR is used in Haslle to extract data from purchase orders, receipts and invoices that may be added on mobile, web or sent to your documents mailbox. When documents reach Haslle, they will be scanned and processed first to fill in with the right data and get them ready for approval.

This technology will ultimately help your company’s ability to increase control by automating data collection in any language. Therefore collecting documents is both easy as you can send quick reminders for those who forgot and quick as you can collect, organize and extract documents data that is linked with payments automatically.

OCR Optical Character Recognition Technology Haslle Expense Management Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow (Data) Management

Streamlined Cash Flow

Our goal at Haslle is to help you manage your cash flow data so that you can have analytics and recommendations for managerial decision making right on your dashboard. Streamlined cash flow is beneficial for any business.This means reduced billing costs, faster payments collection, more control over your cash leaving the company at the very last minute.

Haslle Expense Management Cash Flow Management Streamlined Cash Flow

FinOps Automation

Cloud Finance Management

Here we focused on achieving two important features.

  1. Enabling collaboration & effective communication between finance & non-finance teams.
  2. Helping Financial Operations team setup & technology

At Haslle your team financial insights, from  planned and actual budgets for employees and teams, purchases, subscriptions per project, campaign or product. As a result, this helps CFOs to enable fast cash deployment, transacting and full control on company’s cash and team managers to see in real-time on what budget they have left and engage more in choosing the right vendors and purchases for the company. 

Communication and collaboration by discussing, commenting and rating vendors, purchases and budgets helps teams be more productive and flexible and will allow businesses to achieve better cash utilization over time.

FinOps Automation 
Cloud Finance MANAGEMENT
Haslle Expense Management Cash Flow Management

Approval Policies

Improvements & Added Features

We have many added features all enabling the smoothest collection of data needed for maximum transparency to ensure approvals and approval policies are done impeccably.

To ease your approval process, decrease the number of processes your company goes through & make your financial planning effective, Haslle is here to help.

A great new feature is that depending on the team, project and amount needed for a purchase or budget request, Haslle automatically assigns approvers. What Haslle empowers for your teams, is the knowledge of who should be approving a certain request. This is done through the organizational charts available in your personalized dashboard. Financial managers can be rest assured about the approval process accuracy with this update.

In addition to this, through the feedback we have received from our customers, project managers and CFO’s need more real time data available to them. With this in mind, we have enabled managers to receive mobile notifications when employees are requesting a purchase or budget, spend and they will receive notifications on attaching receipts and documents. This makes the approval process much simpler for both parties.

Data transparency 
Financial Data 
Budget Approvals
Haslle Expense Management Cash Flow Management

Interested in testing out Haslle? Follow this link to start a free trial!

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