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Do you work at a company where you need to travel for business reasons? Does your company reimburse expenses like training, public transport, sport? Do you have occasionally a team lunch or team building activity? Does your company have an expense management tool in place?

If your answer is yes to one of these questions, then you are familiar with the procedure of expense reports management. Traditional petty cash forms, insufficient excel sheets, or complicated software are a headache as they are slow and inconvenient. Not to mention that they can be a risk and even you can lose money easily.

First of all, the fact that you need to pay for everything and then claim your money back and wait for it for a month at least is already a pain. If the amount is quite big, like a long-distance business trip, it can be that you cannot really afford it to wait for the money back until the end of the month.

Speaking about small expenses; did you ever feel embarrassed asking back quite an insignificant cost? Although you know that a lot of these expenses which seem like they are negligible could be a lot if you do not request them back for a while, it still gives you the feeling that you should not claim a couple of euros or dollars back.

Did you know that you can easily avoid these stressors?

The best solution to avoid the stressors could be to implement a good expense management tool. Haslle – an expense management tool that could make your expense claiming easier and less stressful.

Paying with your own money in advance – Solution: Virtual or pre-loaded credit card

It is simple and convenient. Your team leader or manager can issue for you a virtual or a pre-loaded credit card and provide you with the necessary amount in advance and they can specify easily for what you can use this money for. Like this, you can avoid spending your money and be unable to claim back a part of it later by forgetting it and you can also avoid keeping all the receipts and invoices.

Furthermore, you can avoid that unpleasant situation when you claim back a few coins as you will budget the given money as you wish.

Waiting for approvals and money back for a month – Solution: Real-time, immediate expense track

Filling out papers, collecting signatures for approvals, and waiting for the end of the month to receive your money back, and sometimes you cannot be even sure that you can claim the expense back. With Haslle mobile application, your manager can easily approve or deny your request with one single touch or click or request additional information from you quickly on-the-go. This can be done in advance so you can be sure if you can claim back the cost. Furthermore, Upon approval, the team leader can just load your card with the requested money. Or if you have paid already they can also validate the reimbursement promptly in real-time.

Same expenses every month with the same long procedures –

Solution: Automation of processes

Do you have expenses that are the same every month? Like a monthly SaaS subscription or monthly public transport ticket? With Haslle you can easily manage these subscriptions and automate the processes which are the same every time. The application makes every regular expense report effortless. Nevertheless, the company you work for can reduce a lot of cost with automation.

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If you never wish to lose cash again because of a forgotten receipt, introduce Haslle to your manager. In case you have any question regarding this service, feel free to contact us any time.

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