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As the workplace is shifting from an office area to employees homes, it’s important to use the same rules of interior design for a boost in productivity in your home office as well as increasing the ergonomics of your surrounding space.

Have you ever realized you get a lot of work done when you are at work?

This is not only because of your surroundings, but it has everything to do with where you sit. Starting from your chair, your desk, your laptop, desktop computer, your mouse and keyboard, where you eat, the space between you and co-workers, printer locations and so much more.

Usually, to create the best office atmosphere and to boost productivity and motivation to work, conglomerates and bigger companies and corporations know that investment in the correct office interior design can be as important as investing in an accounting tool. It may cost them a lot of their capital expenditure to make such decisions, but it’s definitely money well-spent.

We have all heard about Google‘s offices around the world, they are famous for having cafes and restaurants, salons, gyms, playing grounds, socializing areas and this is just one great example of why being in a well-designed area for work really does affect your productivity.

However, you don’t need to be working for Google to have a perfectly designed office to work from, specially now that most of us are working from home, we have so much more flexibility to be creative and create a practical working space for ourselves.

Let’s start with where you sit.

It’s important to find the best possible chair or sitting area to sit during working hours. Your working chair should not be too stiff, because being uncomfortable certainly doesn’t add to working more productively. And it’s also vital for your sitting area not to be too comfortable, otherwise you will fall asleep or easily get distracted whilst working.

Some companies are sending their employees their chairs from the office, so first, find out if that’s a possibility where you work. Some other companies are also allowing their employees to have a certain budget to buy what they need for working from home conditions.

If your company doesn’t offer either of these solutions, you are not alone.

There are still multiple ways for you to create the best sitting are for yourself. Try to find a chair at home which offers arm rest and add cushions to make it feel more comfortable. If you have a chair at home with roller flexibility and an arm rest, that would be the best solution.

Now make sure the desk you use will have the right ergonomics with the height of your chair or sitting area. Which bring us to the next point.

It’s all about the desk!

Getting back to our point on ergonomics, make sure when you sit down on your chair, your arms will be able to comfortably rest on your desk at a 90 degree angle. If your desk is too high, it will make you tired very quickly from having to reach over your desk. If its too short then you can’t even begin your work. So try to adjust your cushions to sit at the perfect angle at your desk.

Investing in a chair maybe a hassle right now, so the easiest thing to do it to re-purpose your kitchen counter, your dining table, your desk in your room or even your makeup drawer.

You can get creative and whilst you’re at it, try to remember that you’re supposed to be working there. So if your only option is to work from the kitchen counter, at-least face away from the fridge to limit distractions.

You can even re-purpose your balcony or back yard and utilise it for your breaks or your catch-up calls with your co-workers.

Now Decorate!

We finally got to the most fun part! This is where you can use your creativity and spend some time out of your gadgets (We’re all guilty of it during this pandemic) and plan out what you would like your home office to look like.

You can add a desk lamp to increase light if you struggle with lighting during working hours, or face your desk towards the window to allow in some sun during work. You can even use fairy lights if you don’t have access to either.

Then, you can add a plant. The green from plants really helps with boosting your mood and productivity. You can either invest and buy a plant or even use fake ones. And if you’re extra creative, you can draw a leafy green and hang it above your desk.

Add a nice holder for all your pens and highlighters. You can even do a some online shopping on Amazon and find the best office organizing tools to maximize the space you have.

You can also have a nice coaster to remind yourself to stay hydrated and add a bit of life to where you place your coffee cup.

Table calendars or clocks are also a good idea to make it feel more like an office area.

We would like to conclude on reminding you how important the space you work in is.

If you are working from home and you haven’t found the motivation to spice up your home office, read our tips above and get creative. Not only will it give you something to pass the time with during the home-quarantine era, but it will also make you feel better and more motivated to get your work done.

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