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Companies are facing a difficult time in the current and next months.

Most of them have never been prepared for that situation that their employees need to work at home.

If you are leading a team or a whole company, it is a time to lead with purpose and humanity and not just worry about the issues of the present but also think of the opportunities for the future.

During these challenging times, it is crucial to have the essential software platforms so the workflow can continue smoothly even from your home office.

Although, in order to keep your employees motivated and mentally healthy, you need to help them to create appropriate working conditions at their homes as well. Apart from the software tools, do not forget about different types of equipment that could help your team to not lose the feeling of the normal working environment. These can be devices that weren’t necessary for the office but now can be required for their living room. Just to give you an example, during a video chat meeting or just for a good workflow, a noise-canceling headset can save some time and spare the headache when their children are running and shouting around them.

But how can you manage all these costs, follow up on the budget and even save money?

Haslle could be a solution to all your queries.

It’s going to be vital for you these times to be as cost-conscious as possible, so you need to control your and your employees’ spendings.

Now you can think that you do not have time for this, you have bigger problems. It is understandable, but if you would like to be effective and take the stress off your shoulder regarding the budget, it is the key to have help like Haslle.

So what kind of solutions can Haslle offer you?

1. Manage all subscriptions

As I mentioned above, probably you and your employees will have to sign up for some SaaS subscriptions in order to manage the tasks, time, and communicate easily. With Haslle application, you can overview and control who and which departments need these platforms. Probably your HR unit does not need a time management tool as recruitment and internal support are not time-sensitive activities in most cases.

2. Real-time overview

You do not need to wait for the monthly reports to see the spendings of your company and to be shocked by some of the prices. With Haslle you can track purchases that are being made by your staff, in real-time. This means that the second that one of your Project Manager signs up for a project management program to organize and follow the tasks and different stages of a project, you know about it and you can even approve it with one touch on your phone. In case, you have a problem with that or you need any further explanation about the necessity of this software then you can also just tap a button and the PM knows that you require more information.

3. Virtual cards for instant money access

Filling in expense reports, printing them, collecting signatures all these procedures are almost impossible with remote work, not to mention that it is time-consuming. At times like this, you wish to proceed with everything as fast and as efficient as it is possible. Instead of forms and reimbursement requests, with Haslle you can issue virtual cards online, put money on them and assign them to any of your employees. It is easy, just a couple of clicks and you can focus on more important tasks. I

Therefore, it does not matter where your team is working at the moment, they have this card that helps them to buy what they need to continue the work efficiently.

4. Save Money!

Yes, you need to purchase additional tools, subscribe for services, but you can still save money with the overview and the limitation of the expenses.

With Haslle you can make sure that everyone stays in the budget line, wherever they work, as you can control and limit everyone’s spendings.

In case of any emergencies, or any unexpected situation you will be able to change these settings effortlessly, any spending policy can easily be set up.

It is a whole new situation for all of us, but you need to prioritize all the costs. Of course, you would like to provide your teams with everything they would need at home in order to maximize efficiency, but sometimes the less is more. It is key to collaborate and try to find the best solutions for these days. Build trust, be supportive, Haslle will help you on the way.

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