FAQ – Our Frequently Asked Questions

Haslle automates the entire spending process, from the initial budgeting to transaction to the bookkeeping entry. We do this through a combination of a MasterCard, Mobile app, Online Admin Dashboard and our advanced data management algorithms.

If your business spends money, we’re can help! Haslle was built to be agile and customisable enough to assist any business – regardless of size, industry, and structure. 

Companies in European Economic Region can use Haslle to manage cash expenses and scan invoices. However, the Haslle cards are currently only available to companies incorporated the European Union. 

  1. Go here and enter your details to create your account!
  2. You can immediately start adding your employees and assign them budgets and cards.
  3. Regulations mean we require your registered company details, address, and proof of ID.
  4. You can also download the Haslle mobile app from either the iOS AppStore or Google Play.

We aim to process all applications within 24hrs and deliver cards the next business day.

Prices are dependent on your plan, and the individual services you use. More information can be found on our pricing page

We do charge some extra fees for certain services, such as ATM withdrawals above our fair usage policy. Full details can be found here.  If you cancel before the 30-day free trial ends, there is no charge for using our services at all. However, there is a processing fee of €15 to refund any balance remaining on an Haslle card that has been cancelled. You can find more information in regards to our fees here

There are no charges to start with Haslle. We do charge €5 for every physical card issued (virtual cards are free), there is no minimum order, minimum load amount or users.

Haslle helps your organisation easily record all employee spending, regardless of how the expense is incurred. You can set budgets to control how much your employees, teams or project can spend. With intuitive tools like the mobile app and web console, you’ll be able to track spending real-time, instantly transfer funds to all card holders, establish budgets and rules, and much more.

Yes, Haslle can be connected to most accounting systems as we offer customised CSV exports. We also are working to directly integrate with biggest accounting software providers and have APIs for connecting Haslle to any business flow.

Yes! Haslle can be used Worldwide, wherever MasterCard is accepted. 

The minimum number of users is 1, there are no minimums on card numbers. The minimum account top up value is €50. 

Yes. Your funds are held by our card provider – PayrNet Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (companynumber: 09883437) and  authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register reference 900594) for the issuing of electronic money.  Therefore your funds are segregated from Haslle and safeguarded by law from any claims by creditors in the unlikely event of insolvency. All your funds are protected under the Bank of England’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Haslle takes the security of your data and money extremely seriously. It’s why we use bank-level encryption of all your data as standard. We let you limit the amount of money that can be accessed, as well as enhanced card security features including remote-locking, 3D secure, and disabling ATM, online or magstripe transactions.

We have help guides and videos for common questions. We also have Haslle Assistant – which provides help in the dashboard. If you’re really stuck, we also offer live chat support in the dashboard and app. 

Opening an Haslle account only takes a few minutes! Get started here.

Still Unsure?

In case you have any further questions, feel free to book a demo with one of our experts.