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The old, traditional expense report procedure is a slow, inconvenient, and expensive method. Fortunately, there is a much better way for your company to manage costs without going through the annoying steps of the old process. Haslle is a solution for all your expense report related problems. With Haslle, every step can be simplified. Therefore it is called Haslle because we will take away all the hassle of tracking your costs.

How does Haslle make expense management effortless?

Haslle is a software and also a mobile application that you can easily implement in your business without any difficult installation. If you are interested in the user experience and would like to see how easily you can handle all the expenses and reports on a modern interface, you can first schedule a demo with us. During this demo, you can see how simple is to manage your finances and teams with Haslle and you can experience all the features we offer, which are the following:

1. Export data from your accounting software

If you have accounting software to handle your books and track accounts payable and receivable, then you do not need to worry. Haslle allows you to export all the data to your software so you do not need to do double work with entering information in both tools. You can manage easily all your spendings with Haslle, then you just transfer the necessary data to your accounting tool in order to keep your books updated. It is a paperless and effortless solution for your finance department.

2. Create categories, define budget

With our expense management tool, you can track your expenses in a way that is most suitable for your company. You can create different categories based on the type of your expenses and set budgets for your teams and departments separately. With this possibility, you can have more detailed information on all the spendings and you can control your finances effortlessly. All this work can be done by using Haslle application as well.

3. Real-time analysis

If you have Haslle, you can save time and focus on other important tasks within your company as you can be financially aware of all your expenses in real-time. Whenever you open the application or have a look at the tool itself on your laptop you can see the exact, current situation of all your costs. As you can implement expense categories and manage costs by teams or departments, you can easily have the whole picture, but also you can have data immediately about a specific type of spendings or the current financial situation of a department.

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4. Issue virtual and pre-loaded cards

One of the features of Haslle is allowing you to issue virtual or pre-loaded credit cards for your employees or sections of your company. This can empower them to make purchases on their behalf, but you can still retain full control. You can define budgets in advance or fund cards immediately when your employees need it because of exceptional circumstances.

It is simple and convenient. Your employees do not need to go through any tiring expense report process, they can use the previously defined budget for their needs, and it also saves you a lot of time as you do not need to waste energy on the approval procedure while you can still control everything only with a single touch or click.

5. Automation of processes

Do you have repetitive tasks and procedures in your company? Then you know that it is a waste of time and money to do the same actions frequently, especially if there could be a way to automate the processes and avoid all the recurring manual steps. Automation can be extremely important when we speak about expense management. If you have a SaaS subscription or any monthly bills from employees which are the same amount every month, then it is just so unnecessary to create an expense report for the exact same thing every time. With Haslle you can automate this process, pay invoices, and settle the costs without any additional effort. So you can save lots of energy, and focus on other projects within your company.

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6. Employee engagement

Creating an expense report in a traditional way is not the favorite task of any employee. They need to keep and collect all receipts and chase for signatures and if there is any mistake do the process again. Most of the time they need to pay with their own money first and then request reimbursement from their company and wait weeks for their money back. With Haslle all this hassle can be avoided with the above-mentioned features as you can allow them to manage their spendings and this will build trust and happiness among your teams. This can result that your employee feels appreciated so they will be more productive and engaged in your company as well.


No more filling in paper forms, no more expense fraud, no more wasted time, and money. Everything will be simple and transparent if you start to use Haslle for managing your company spendings.

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If you need more information or would like to schedule a demo, please do not hesitate:

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