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During the pandemic the world is facing today, employees were forced to start working from home in an instant before the ability to grab everything they need to work from home. Are your employees one of them?

Read this article for more on expense allowance during these times.

The purpose of your company’s Work From Home Policy should be to optimize for the benefits while limiting the risks, ultimately setting up your employees to be as successful outside the office as they are in it.

To start with, in most cases, employees don’t necessarily have home offices. They will have to use their creativity to set up a desk for themselves to do their work from.

They may not have a proper chair to sit on for 8 hours a day or a laptop/ computer stand to create ergonomics.

In most cases, they may not even have a proper mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, desktop computer or the more traditional supplies like enough papers, pens, or a printer to print important information.

Your employees may need to use the phone a lot to call investors, suppliers or business partners which they may request. Additionally, most recently since everyone is working and studying from home, the demand for internet usage has decreased the speed of the internet connection which can lead to employees needing IT support or extra internet packages to be able to get their job done.

Therefore, as the manager, you need to try to supply them with what they need immediately to make it comfortable for them to work from home.

Additionally, as the employee, if there’s anything you wish you had grabbed from your office or are missing from home, you need to allow your managers to be informed to solve your issue by providing you with what you need.

Now there are two different things to do during these times in terms of office supplies. If there are any workers still at the office, you can ask them to send the needed supplies to your employees through a currier service.

If not, you will have to purchase them brand new ones.

Again, you have two options of purchase, either allocate a certain crisis management capital expenditure (Capex) for your employees to use that budget and buy themselves what they are missing from home, or purchase it for them and have it shipped to their house immediately.

Here’s a list of the most basic things that your employees may need to adjust to working from home conditions:

1) Laptop
2) Mouse
3) Keyboard
4) Mouse Pad
5) Desktop Computer
6) Office Chair
7) Computer Stand
8) Foot Stool
9) Headset
10) HDMI Cables
11) Other Accessories
12) Internet Package
13) Phone Packages (for business related calls)

In certain jobs, your employees may need more than the aforementioned items. In those cases, you need to make sure you have a working internal communication platform for employees to easily reach you, and ask you for what they want.

Aside from office supplies that your employees may need, they may also need some online tools and platforms too. It can range anywhere from a communication tool like Slack, or a management tool like Trello or a subscription to a platform to help them manage day to day activities.

Haslle is another tool that can come in very handy during these times, specially for chief financial officers or any finance managers wanting to control the company spending real time. Haslle also allows you to simply allocate spending budgets for employees needs during the working from home period. You can manage how each employee is spending their remote work supplies budget, what they are spending it on, and you can manage streamlined approvals for budget requests during these time. The best feature, is that you get real-time data analysis and you will be informed of the most up-to-date financial data whenever you login.

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