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When you run a startup or a small business you need to make good choices of tools. Of course, the price is an important factor when you decide which software to choose, but in order to run your company smoothly and organized, sometimes it is worth to invest in a better and an essential tool to save money and time in the long term, as it will pay off eventually.

Sometimes you can find a free version of a service you need, but then you need to examine if it is really a good choice for you to save money now but put more time and effort in the work, or you turn a blind eye on the cost and make some tasks much easier, save time and concentrate on quicker growth. Naturally, it is depending on your budget, but for your business, it is always better to plan for a longer period to see what is the best choice currently.

So, let me show you the SaaS that you need to consider to subscribe to.

1. Oribi

Probably you already know, or at least heard about Google Analytics. If you did, you know, that it is quite complex and you need to have a solid knowledge to analyze your statistics for marketing with it. Oribi is very similar to Google Analytics but still different, it is probably better for you. Most people and companies use Google Analytics because it has a free version and something free is always good, right? Well, if you really think about it, it could cost you more than Oribi. This software is much user-friendly, almost everyone can use it without any specific knowledge about the different metrics and marketing terms. It highlights the most interesting data and helps you to find the correct advertising channels.

Therefore it is really useful especially at the beginning when you cannot hire an expert to handle the analytics. You can cut the cost of the salary of a marketing analyst and also you can stop wasting your money on advertising on wrong platforms and social media and target your audience more effectively, without so much effort.

2. Chanty

Communication is key in every aspect of life, but if you have a team to manage it is simply essential. Most of the companies use Slack or Microsoft Teams for business chats and calls. Slack is great because it is easy to install and use, you do not need an IT expert for that. You can use it for free if you do not want to store the history of the conversations and make conference calls, but as soon as you need needs features, you need to pay its price. Microsoft Teams offers a history search and you can make huge conference calls, although it is not so easy to set it up. You will need to have experts for that and time, therefore bigger corporates use this.

If you would like to combine the best of these for cheaper, Chanty can be a good solution for you. The free version offers the same as Slack, but you can search for unlimited conversation history. But if you wish to have a messenger for more than 10 members and make group video calls, than you need to pay a monthly fee, although it is much less than the price of the Slack. But for this amount of money, you do not get only a chat software, but it comes with a built-in task manager tool. So why would you pay more for fewer features?

3. ClickUp

Speaking about task and project management, it is absolutely indispensable to have a proper tool for that. The first you will think of is probably Trello and Asana, and you are not wrong, these are also great to manage the tasks of the team. Trello and Asana are free at the very beginning, but as soon as your team starts to grow, it gets much more expensive, while ClickUp offers more features for less money even after the free period. It gives a more user-friendly design and experience. Just to give you an example, one of my favorite bonus is the “Goal” feature. With this, you can set targets to the team and even tear it down to small goals and keep your team motivated and engaged through the projects.

4. Canva

Every company needs a nice logo and some eye-catching graphics and pictures on its website and social media platforms. If you use Canva you do not need to have any designing skills and not even so much creativity. Plenty of free pictures, graphics elements, templates to choose from, it is very easy to use and you can even have it on your phone. If you wish to post something quickly on your social media, you can just design a nice picture on-the-go within a minute. Absolute favorite!

5. Haslle

As you see, even a small company needs lots of SaaS subscription and can have plenty of expenses. It is extremely important to keep track of all of these costs, in order to save money and time in the long term and in order to claim your expenses back during the tax season. To make this whole process effortless, Haslle is a great investment for your business. Haslle is not just a software but you can download the application on your phone and check the expenses in real-time, you have the opportunity to automate processes so take a big responsibility off your shoulder. Furthermore, you can issue virtual and pre-loaded cards for your team in order to provide them access to different categories of budgets when they need them. Haslle is set to take the hassle away from tracking your costs and finances.

As you can see, so many SaaS could make your business run smoother and could save you money and time in the long term, and maybe you did not even hear about them before. At first sight, it could seem too much to handle but if you have Haslle, handling expenses will be so simple than you can manage them on-the-go on your phone with a single touch.

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