10 Tools for Remote Work in 2020

Remote work continues to grow in popularity. Consistent work from home has grown 159% since 2005. However, currently working from home is not an option for companies to show their flexibility for their employees, but mostly an obligation following the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread. Today, with Coronavirus having spreading to 186 countries (From 195), many companies […]

Best tools for your CFO

Welcome to another Haslle blog. This week, we will discuss which tools will help your CFO (Chief Finance Officer) achieve the best efficiency and effectiveness in managing the financial performance of your company. In previous years, CFO’s were only experienced accounts or simply the positions that figured out the company’s revenues and losses. However, nowadays […]

Procurement tools your business needs

With the help of modern technology, businesses can automate a huge part of their daily task and benefit from the saved cost and time that technology offers them. Having said this, technologically advanced procurement tools have still not caught on. From using Internet of Things or Blockchain technology to Big Data, we still see only […]