How to create the best home office

As the workplace is shifting from an office area to employees homes, it’s important to use the same rules of interior design for a boost in productivity in your home office as well as increasing the ergonomics of your surrounding space. Have you ever realized you get a lot of work done when you are […]

How expenses and benefits will change under remote work conditions

As we are going through a pandemic which will most likely another few months, more workplaces are becoming remote every day. And as a lot of companies are experiencing employees working from home for the first time, many rules and regulations will have to differ in these times of pandemic crisis. In this blog, we […]

10 Tools for Remote Work in 2020

Remote work continues to grow in popularity. Consistent work from home has grown 159% since 2005. However, currently working from home is not an option for companies to show their flexibility for their employees, but mostly an obligation following the Covid-19 Coronavirus spread. Today, with Coronavirus having spreading to 186 countries (From 195), many companies […]

6 Tips to improve productivity in among your employees

At Haslle, we strongly believe in reducing the hassle (see the wordplay there?) and eliminating inefficiencies in businesses. Other than our own tool, we believe in other ways of creating that efficient and productive environment for your business. As we are very close to Christmas and with all the company Christmas gifts, events, holidays and […]