Create a Budget Plan for Your Business -2

In part 1, we talked about how to create an effective budget plan for your small business. If you are still not convinced, read part 2 to see the reasons why is it essential. Making a detailed and realistic budget plan is the most important thing you can do to manage your business. You may […]

How to Set Up Budget Plan for a Small Business? – Part 1

Creating a business budget plan may seem like a hassle, but if you have one you can share your resources more effectively and afford to invest in more essential things in order to grow. Budget management is not always simple but with budget approval and tracking software it can be effortless. But even with that, […]

Reducing costs with Automation

Businesses spend a lot of their revenues on salaries of their employees, hence there is less budget for other expenses. Therefore, cutting unnecessary expenses is a very crucial part of managing the overall company budget and saving more of the revenues. One of the mundane tasks that most businesses go through, is filing the petty […]

Create the right crisis action plan from a financial perspective

During the global pandemic we are facing today, there’s really no perfect way to manage a crisis. Specially since we are so unsure on how much longer this situation will go on for. Companies, small or corporate are all facing difficulty and uncertain times. This is great news for financial companies like Haslle, because businesses […]

Financial events to attend virtually in 2020

We previously posted a blog sharing the best startup and financials events to attend in 2020. However, due to current circumstances, a lot of event are getting cancelled. The good news is, a lot of events are being held virtually! 1) Collision Held from June 23rd,2020 until June 25th, 2020. Collision was one of the […]

How should CFOs respond to the 2020 financial crisis?

We are only in April and already the on-going coronavirus pandemic has us worried for the entire year.As stated by the International Monetary Fund of the IMF, April World Economic Outlook projects global growth in 2020 to fall to -3 percent. Companies all over the world are having to take drastic measures to shift production […]

Expense allowance for employees to buy what they need for remote work

During the pandemic the world is facing today, employees were forced to start working from home in an instant before the ability to grab everything they need to work from home. Are your employees one of them? Read this article for more on expense allowance during these times. The purpose of your company’s Work From […]

How expenses and benefits will change under remote work conditions

As we are going through a pandemic which will most likely another few months, more workplaces are becoming remote every day. And as a lot of companies are experiencing employees working from home for the first time, many rules and regulations will have to differ in these times of pandemic crisis. In this blog, we […]

Best tools for your CFO

Welcome to another Haslle blog. This week, we will discuss which tools will help your CFO (Chief Finance Officer) achieve the best efficiency and effectiveness in managing the financial performance of your company. In previous years, CFO’s were only experienced accounts or simply the positions that figured out the company’s revenues and losses. However, nowadays […]