Tips and Tricks on how to add value to business meetings

Have you ever been in a business meeting where it went way too long or much shorter than you initially anticipated? Or have you ever felt like you don’t exactly know what steps to follow up with after the meeting? We have all grounds covered to help you achieve a significantly more valuable meeting in […]

Procurement tools your business needs

With the help of modern technology, businesses can automate a huge part of their daily task and benefit from the saved cost and time that technology offers them. Having said this, technologically advanced procurement tools have still not caught on. From using Internet of Things or Blockchain technology to Big Data, we still see only […]

Company business trips & Expense Management

Business trips can feel like a hassle when there’s lots of paperwork for your employees to fill out before and afterwards. It shouldn’t feel like one though, because it’s supposed to help employees feel motivated and inspired and do productive work instead of worrying about their budgets and the rules that they may or may […]

The Many Reasons Why Managing Company Spending is Critical

Haslle takes company spending seriously. Huge changes are coming to how businesses handle expenses, subscriptions, and cash in general. Automation and new payment methods are taking over, so stay tuned.  How do businesses spend their money? We’ve put together 100 stats that we found on company spending. Here’s the first one: 82% of business failures […]