Auto 3Ds for your business

Why do we need 3D Secure in the first place? 3D Secure was developed by different payment card providers in order to tackle online fraud rampant across most ecommerce businesses worldwide.  Since 3D Secure involves the merchant’s bank accepting card payments, card issuer the organization who issued the card used for the transaction and the payment […]

Startup Entrepreneur Stories: Interview with Haslle Founder & CEO

Povilas Ziys

This month, we conducted an interview with Haslle’s founder and CEO Povilas Zinys. We asked him questions regarding business, Haslle and how he survived the challenges of the pandemic when he launched Haslle. If you enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit, stay tuned to learn more about what it takes to launch a startup. When Haslle CEO […]

Product Updates – Mission of Streamlining Cash Management

We’re here to help you make chasing receipts a thing of the past. Our product update this fall focuses on all the integrations & improvements to make your cash management simpler and streamlined. As we are approaching the end of the year, financial operations teams are focusing on analyzing financial data of 2020 and making […]

All You Need to Know About Smart Company Cards

There are so many ways now to pay for business expenses, bills, and invoices. You can do automated processes, have different kinds of cards like debit and credit card, and set up direct debits. So many new and innovative options, in spite of that, companies still use the old fashioned company credit cards and expense […]

Create a Budget Plan for Your Business -2

In part 1, we talked about how to create an effective budget plan for your small business. If you are still not convinced, read part 2 to see the reasons why is it essential. Making a detailed and realistic budget plan is the most important thing you can do to manage your business. You may […]

How to Set Up Budget Plan for a Small Business? – Part 1

Creating a business budget plan may seem like a hassle, but if you have one you can share your resources more effectively and afford to invest in more essential things in order to grow. Budget management is not always simple but with budget approval and tracking software it can be effortless. But even with that, […]

Returning to the office: How to protect your employees?

Europe slowly starts to recover from the pandemic and relieve the confinement restrictions. Therefore, most of the companies allow their employees back to the office, or at least a defined amount of them. Unless they have considered the advantages to keep the possibility of remote work for the future, they needed to prepare the offices […]

Facilitate Your Expense Management with Haslle

The old, traditional expense report procedure is a slow, inconvenient, and expensive method. Fortunately, there is a much better way for your company to manage costs without going through the annoying steps of the old process. Haslle is a solution for all your expense report related problems. With Haslle, every step can be simplified. Therefore it […]

5 Little-known SaaS that Your Small Business or Start-up needs

When you run a startup or a small business you need to make good choices of tools. Of course, the price is an important factor when you decide which software to choose, but in order to run your company smoothly and organized, sometimes it is worth to invest in a better and an essential tool […]

Stress Factors of Running a Small Business that Could Be Avoided

Running a business is never easy. When you become a business owner everything could seem fine and perfect as you are your own boss now and you can decide all the important matters. But these important decisions could turn all the fun and challenging new path into a big stressor and you could easily be […]