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Last week, on the 5th of 6th of February, we attended an inspiring FinTech and startup related event in Stockholm, Sweden.

We got to meet some other startups, some investors as well as some clients. Keep reading to learn more about this event.

To start with, the Arctic 15 event, as we discussed in an earlier blog on the best 12 startup events to attend in 2020, is a networking event, mainly known for it’s matchmaking deal-room for investors and startups to have the chance to network and close deal.

This deal-room allows for quality networking where you get a proper place to sit down and focus on your conversations in comparison to other huge startup events where due to the amount of people attending, no one gets to make quality networks.

Aside from the famous deal-room at Arctic 15 events, the program includes 15 tracks across tech and offers one-on-one meetings in Deal Room, plus side events, presentations and workshops that are designed for startups and are technology related.

The main event is held from May 26th-27th, 2020, Helsinki, Finland.

The one held last week in Stockholm was about 4 times smaller than the main event.

Aside from the size of the event itself and the size of the presentation rooms which only had the capacity of around 50 people per presentation, the number of workshops and presentations were also limited and low in terms of quality of content.

The Arctic 15 event in Stockholm was mainly around the topics of the Swedish Eco-system and sustainability. Although the event is much smaller than the one held in Helsinki in May, there were a lot of investors attending. The main investors and startups where mainly Swedish, Finnish and from the Baltic region in Europe.

In addition, during this event, we had the chance to meet some interesting new startups and have team bonding sessions to get to know one another and inspire each other which is a highlight from attending startups events like this.

Haslle had the honor to attend this event next to our Startup Wise Guy group, and we got to attend some bonding and team building workshops and network among ourselves and among other startups at the event.

We also had the opportunity to achieve success by finding two new clients for our spending management tool as well as three investor leads.

Furthermore, we were able to attend a dinner at the town hall hosted by the Arctic 15 in Stockholm which was attended by us and other startups at the event which was a highlight to get to see the beautiful Swedish landmark and further our networking efforts.

We also had the chance to visit the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony hall.

We hope you have benefited from this report of the Arctic 15 Stockholm event in February 2020.

This side event to the Arctic 15 in Helsinki Finland in May, whilst much smaller, offered a quality networking environment as well as the opportunity to meet a lot of investors for startups and have a visit to some of Stockholms famous landmarks.

We at Haslle, will definitely recommend this event and will attend again next year.

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