Approvals and Requests

Haslle helps you streamline company budget, purchase & Subscriptions Approvals & Requests in collaboration with your team.

Approvals and Requests


Increase Flexibility

Ensure your employees and teams can get budgets and purchases approved when they need to so that they can focus on the job at hand

Ensure 100% Control

Approve purchases and budgets instantly by staying in control of every request

Spend Notifications

Get instant notifications to each manager  and ensure teams and employees get needed budgets faster

Spending Management Solution that works for Smart Teams


Approvals on the go

Easily approve company budgets, purchases, vendors, payments, invoices and subscriptions using data at the touch of your fingertips.

Set Approval Rules

Set approval rules based on vendors &  payment amounts and make sure the approvals are collected from managers and other stakeholders.


Requests Dashboard

Instantly see consolidated data regarding team purchase or budget requests in one interface. 

Streamlined Spend Control

Track every pound, euro and dollar your company spends from purchase to ledger.

Streamlined Approvals​

Avoid month-end surprises by allowing finance teams to stay in control of approving any business related purchase requests, or budget requests on upcoming projects.

Marketing teams need budgets for campaign spending. Help them achieve goals by approving their requests instantly.

Managers can benefit from giving or blocking budgets on the go whilst maintaining control by getting instant notifications of any spending.

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