Accounts & Budgets

Get a Multicurrency IBAN that works together with your corporate Bank Account and Accounting Software.

Accounts & Budgets


Increase Flexibility

Haslle offers a multi currency accounts to ease international transfers

Bulk Payments

With the ability to pay in bulk, ease your subscription, invoice & purchase payments. 

Spend Notifications

Get notifications instantly when payments occur to increase control over spending

Spending Management Solution that works for Smart Teams

Wallets with 4x better exchange rates

Convert to EUR, GBP, USD & 20 other currencies with ease and pay by transfers or cards in the currency you need.

Real-time Visibility of all Business Spend

Overview all business spend, split by categories, vendors subscriptions and monitor how much budget is  forecasted, committed and spent for each month.

Smart Payments

Convert to smart payments by setting up payment schedule and automation, to ensure all invoices are paid on time from any account connected to Haslle.

Streamlined Bank Transfers For The Entire Team​

Overview your entire spending process by integrating multiple payment providers, IBANs and currency wallets. Schedule payment and approval process for all invoices in one place. 

Control budgets for campaigns, projects and products and calculate their ROI automatically. Submit invoices, purchase orders and receipts for approval and payment with ease.

Benefit from approving budgets on the go whilst maintaining control and transparency by getting instant notifications and full visibility of any spending all in one place.

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Accounts & Budgets

Accounting Automation

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