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At Haslle, we strongly believe in reducing the hassle (see the wordplay there?) and eliminating inefficiencies in businesses. Other than our own tool, we believe in other ways of creating that efficient and productive environment for your business.

As we are very close to Christmas and with all the company Christmas gifts, events, holidays and bonuses, employees feel very spoiled. However, that may not be the case all year round, and as busier months create a lot of hassle, stale work and longer hours, employees can have a downward shift in their productivity as they are less motivated.

Here is Haslle’s 6 tips for managers to use when they feel that the workplace is lacking energy, motivation and productivity. We included easy ways for you to implement these, and keep an eye out for our free tips that you can implement starting tomorrow!

Tip #1) Increase Physical Activity

Yes, you heard us right. Physical activity is known to increase endorphins or “feel good” hormones, naturally increase energy, sharpen focus and therefore motivation. You can go about this in multiple ways; if you can afford to build or repurpose a room at your workplace into a gym, you can offer your employees classes that can range between 15-30 minutes. This doesn’t effect their work in comparison to how much low-energy does. “The psychological part of exercise has been shown to directly correlate with energy levels: You feel better and feel more energy,” Gotlin says.

If this isn’t something you can afford, you can offer discounts to local gyms and classes as well as planning marathons for causes related to your work.

Tip #2) Use smart collaborative tools such as Slack

This tip is among the tools Haslle uses itself. Slack is a team-collaborative tool which gives your employees a platform to open group chats across all departments as well as smaller groups for teams. Aside from all conversations taking place real-time, they also get saved for further reference. Pictures shared also stay in an archive which can come really handy. This tool can save your team a lot time and hassle and the ability to communicate without having to leave their desk and their area of work.

The fact that this app is offered among Android and IOS gives the ability for everyone to use and the most basic package is free which can be conclude to not only time efficient, but also cost efficient which is all Haslle stands for.

Tip #3) Company-wide Events

Nowadays, specially in bigger companies and corporations, most employees may not really know one-another and may have never even met. When you throw company-wide events, this can give the employees a chance to meet one another, as well as creating more sustainable relationship. Because let’s be honest, the more your employees come to like one another, the more they will see the point that they all play to reach company goals and the more they feel motivated to reach that goal. This also gives them something to look forward to if they are internationals new to that country, or an opportunity to make friends among the colleagues that don’t get the time to meet anyone outside of work.

You can do this by either throwing Christmas (or any other special occasion) parties, company lunches, restaurant dinners, happy hours, or apperitivos.

Tip #4) Healthy Food Options

Now this can resonate with Tip#1 as energy can be effected in multiple ways that has nothing to do with your workplace or the work your employees do.

Unhealthy foods can contribute to a sluggish memory, energy crashes and the inability to stay focused. Now this one goes without saying, but the healthier your workforce, they higher the energy they will have throughout the day.

You can induce this multiple ways:

Firstly, you can get rid of the old-fashioned vending machines with sugar-packed candy bars and sodas and chips. Instead, invest in vending machines that offer smoothies, teas and infusions, ready-to-go salads, fruits, healthy granola bars and instant oats. All these snacks are very fast solutions to hunger and can help sustain longer motivation throughout your workforce. Another way is to invest in a small cafe that will offer healthier sandwich choices, salads, bowls, as well as vegan and vegetarian options that can save time for those of your employees that order unhealthy take-out to the office.

Tip #5) Early Morning Huddles

A term originally coming from soccer, huddles are a great motivational thing to set the tone through-out the rest of the day. Huddles are known for employees, teams, departments even, coming together and setting a goal to achieve by the end of the day. This way they don’t feel isolated and they feel part of a team, a bigger picture.

During these huddles, the team can share important updates, news and deadlines to remind the rest of the team of any immediate work or anything that needs to get done at the end of the day. This psychology comes from the fact that humans are social beings and social roles play an important part in overall motivation.

Tip#6) Work-place Organisation and Interior Decoration

Now our last tip may be a bit more on the expensive side of the spectrum but one definitely worth the splurge. Lets start simple, would you rather go to work tomorrow to a cluttered small office with no natural lights, nothing matching, papers and mugs everywhere, smelly carpets and old furniture or would you rather start your work day in a space with high ceilings, lots of natural lights coming through the windows, office plants and greenery, nice comfy couches, posture-improving chairs, a nice little caffe to enjoy a cappuccino and rooms where you can hold meetings with the team or book to have some silence whilst you get important work done? Need we say more?

To sum our tips up, it’s not always the work that is boring and un-motivating, sometimes it’s about the work environment, team spirit, healthy foods and exercises to naturally sustain longer energy levels among your employees.

We hope these tips will help improve your workplace and increase time efficiency (the same way #HASLLE does!).

We hope you enjoyed this article and we want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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