Spending Management Solution for Smart Teams

Haslle helps you manage company budgets, purchases and subscriptions using smart payment cards collaboratively with your team.

Get a Virtual Bank
Account for Spending

Approve Budgets, Purchases,
Invoices and Subscriptions

Issue virtual and physical cards and
control purchase process

Collect Data, Receipts
and Invoices

Boost Analytics and
Decision Making

Integration with your
Accounting and ERP

Approvals on the go

Easily approve company budgets, purchases, payments, invoices and subscriptions, using data at the touch of your fingertips.

Empower Your Teams while staying in control

Have your teams make better decisions and improve what you purchase over time. Choose vendors and aggregate invoices to get better discounts between departments.

Smart Company Cards that track Expenses

Make chasing receipts a thing of the past. Haslle combines a company card, expense management, customizable approval rules and simplified entry into your accounting software all in one.

Manage your Documents with ease

Get a company email address for invoices. Just give it to your vendors so you never miss an invoice again. Collect, review, add and extract more data from documents that are easily exportable and linked with payments.

Additionally, manage receipts, purchase orders, and other documents in one place to make sure your spending process is robust and documents are well managed.

Our AI powered OCR technology  extracts details  document details automatically in any language. Getting invoices digital has never been more simple!

Collect Data You Need for Analytics and Decision Making

Need to track projects, products or advertising campaigns costs. Haslle makes it easy to customize any labels that you can add to every transaction automatically when it happens or have your employees add needed data on mobile.

IBAN that works for Expenses

Get a Virtual Bank Account that works together with your corporate Bank Account and Accounting Software.

Haslle Account will let you take full control of your corporate spend – from Employee to Team Expenses to Subscriptions and Purchases – get everything in one place and make faster and better spending decisions in your company.

Save 10 Hours Per Week On Accounting​

Haslle seamlessly works with your accounting system and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks. You can now import all expenses categorized and organized  with a single click.

Get Data from your local bank to manage all your spending in one place. Connect your local IBAN and receive all payment data in one place. 

You’ve got Transferwise, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Business, Lloyds, or HSBC? We’ve got you covered.

Would You Like To Try It Out?

We are offering a free trial! You can set up Haslle to manage your spending at no cost!​